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Juba Link Newsletter No. 9

The Juba Link  Patron : Baroness Cox of Queensbury   Newsletter October 2013 Issue  9  TWO AMBITIONS REALISED IN OCTOBER 2013 1. The St Mary’s Hospital-Juba Link Guest House is now up and running and a Jubalink team have been staying there for the last 20 days.  Although there are some minor points to be sorted […]

Juba Link News Letter No. 8

The Juba Link E-Mail Newsletter January 2013 No. 8 News from 2012 The Juba Link Guest House Photo taken by Tim Walsh during a visit to Juba in November 2012 The Juba Link guest house, in the grounds of the doctors mess and opposite The website was created for the Link by Matt Stacey who […]

Juba Link Newsletter No. 7

NEWSLETTER No. 7   JANUARY 2012 The St Mary’s Hospital, Isle of Wight-Juba Teaching Hospital Link would like to congratulate the new country of the Republic of South Sudan on gaining independence on the 9th July 2011. There had not been any formal Link training visits since the last Newsletter in December 2010 as local […]

Juba Link Newsletter No. 6

NEWSLETTER No. 6  DECEMBER 2010 The 4th training visit by senior clinicians from the St Mary’s Hospital,Isle of Wight – Juba Teaching Hospital Link took place in March 2010. The team, led by Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Jane Salih/Newson-Smith consisted of Kim Hayter (Registered Mental Health Nurse), Bob Marks (Mental Health Manager/Nurse) and France Reed (Registered […]

Juba Link Newsletter No. 5

NEWSLETTER  No. 5  MARCH 2010 The vesico-vaginal fistula visit, supported by The UK Governments  “Sudan Bilateral Programme Fund Grant”,The UNFPA and The British Medical Association Humanitarian Aid Fund, was undertaken between 24th November and the 12th December 2009. A total of 18 operations were undertaken by Mike Bishop and John Makunde– a somewhat disappointing number […]

Juba Link Newsletter No. 4

NEWSLETTER No. 4  SEPTEMBER 2009 The second trainers visit to Juba Teaching Hospital took place between the 17th March and 3rd April 2009.  The team was led by Dr Eluzai Hakim, Physician and included Dr Fiona Henderson, Anaesthetist and 2 Nurses – Sharon Evemy and Noreen Collins. Dr Eluzai Hakim attended ward rounds, medical referral […]

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