Juba Link Newsletter No. 9

The Juba Link  Patron : Baroness Cox of Queensbury   Newsletter October 2013 Issue  9  TWO AMBITIONS REALISED IN OCTOBER 2013 1. The St Mary’s Hospital-Juba Link Guest House is now up and running and a Jubalink team have been staying there for the last 20 days.  Although there are some minor points to be sorted out it is comfortable, safe and just across the road from Juba Teaching Hospital.  We still owe the engineer some money but he has kindly allowed us to use the building, get some income and pay him when we can. We are  very grateful to the Ministry of Health for furnishing the bungalow and to members of the local Juba Link team for all their help and support with getting the bungalow habitable and ready for the visit.

There are  5 single bedrooms and one room has twin beds. There is a small gas ring for cooking but why bother when Suzan’s Restaurant is within the compound selling delicious food at a reasonable price.  There is also a large fridge and hot water.

2. The first of the Basic Medical Training Programmes took place between the 2nd and 20th October 2013.  This is part of a 2 year training programme for junior doctors (interns) from within South Sudan.  The modules undertaken were  in Trauma, using the principles of the Advanced Trauma Life Support course and Mental Health, following the WHO MhGap course. Each module ran for 6 days and then the doctors swapped over.  The Trauma module instructors were Mr Tim Walsh and Dr Dominic McCreadie  (known as Don)(a recently retired A&E Consultant from Wolverhampton,  but who has a second home on the Isle of Wight and is a contributor to the Link).  The Mental Health module instructors were Dr Jane Newson-Smith/Salih and Drs Ashok and Shobha Singh from Lincolnshire.  The students found the modules quite challenging but enjoyed them and hopefully learnt much.  Zorina Walsh supported both modules as well as sorting out the bungalow. Our thanks to Dhabshiil for supply 50 usb memory sticks onto which Zorina copied all of the presentations from both modules. This saved taking heavy loads of handouts.

Below are photos of the trainees inserting chest drains on a sheep and wound suturing with Tim whilst Don is teaching the other group about airway. Jane, Shobha and Ashok with some of the MH students.

Dr Kariom Makur, Undersecretary for the Ministry of Health, kindly visited and had a short tour of all the training being undertaken.  Altogether 48 young doctors undertook the training in both modules.  Two doctors passed the Trauma course with distinction.  All passed the Mental Health course. The certificates were given out by  the Deputy Undersecretary. Our thanks to the School of Nursing and Midwifery for providing the training rooms. Our thanks to Dhabshiil who donated 50 data usb memory sticks onto which Zorina downloaded all the presentations from both modules.

Training the Trainers: An advanced course which includes mentoring is due to take place at Juba Teaching Hospital from the 4th November for a week and follows on from the course that was held in November 2012.  The team will comprise Dr Rich Bregazzi, Dr David Attwood and Dr Alison Allan (this will be Alison’s first visit to Juba).

Obstetric and Neonatal Emergency Course : France Reed,  the Link’s midwifery adviser  is joining a team from Belfast to go and run an  obstetric and neonatal emergency course for the local doctors, nurses and midwives at Juba Teaching Hospital during November 2013. France has been on several visits and will be able to guide and support the team from Belfast as this will be their first visit.

Fundraising: Jim Malia has raised nearly £12,000 towards a bore hole, solar pump and a water tank. The water tank has been purchased and is filled weekly. Discussions now need to take place with an expert in bore holes to see how we can proceed to get clean running water to the compound.  Our  heartfelt thanks to all the donors who have contributed towards this fund.

A “Handbags and Gladrags” event has been arranged in the Conference Room at St Mary’s Hospital on the 29th November 2013 between 11am and 3pm to raise funds for a nursing visit hopefully early in the New Year.

The Link will once more have a tree at the Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival.

This will be my last Newsletter as I am retiring from the Juba Link.

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